RAM upgrade?

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RAM upgrade?

Post by Dave100 »

Ram upgrade on
My new machine
Windows 11 Pro Mini PC, AM02 AMD Ryzen 7 3750H 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD Mini Desktop Computer with Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics, Mini Gaming PC Support DP + HDMI 4K, RJ45-LAN, Dual WLAN Micro Business PC

From the factory are both ram ports used I.e 2 x 8gb to give the 16gb ram or just one with 16gb module fitted in one bay?
I need to know what to buy to upgrade to 32gb ?
Can I just buy 1 x 16gb or will i need 2x 16gb and also what mhz is speed is best to buy ?
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Re: RAM upgrade?

Post by Gabe »


While I can't answer your question regarding what the 16GB version comes with, I can tell you that it's generally not a good idea to mix and match modules, so if the unit does come with a single 16GB module, I wouldn't recommend buying another 16GB to add to it to get to 32GB. It's almost assured they won't match, which means they may not work well together, including in dual channel. This can even be the case if you were to find the same brand and model number of module, as over time there can be changes, which means like modules bought at different times may not even match perfectly.

If it's a question of affordability, I'd wait until you've saved enough, then buy a 32GB kit that comes with two 16GB modules. This way you know they will match and work together the way they should, including in dual channel.

For reference, it's very easy to see what it has, and the admin would probably recommend checking. You can remove the four screws 'inside' the foot pads, then remove the bottom cover, at which point you'll see the module(s).

Edit: I've moved your question and my reply to it to a new topic in the AM02 section.
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Re: RAM upgrade?

Post by admin »

As far as I know, you would like to upgrade your AM02 mini PC ROM.
It comes with two 8GB.
So if you want to get it to 32GB RAM, you need to buy two 16GB 2*SODIMM DDR4 2400MHz.
That will be good for the upgrade.
I hope I have given you the answer you need.
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Re: RAM upgrade?

Post by Neuromancer2112 »

I received my AM02 a couple of days ago, and verified the type and speed on the RAM chip itself. Mine came with a 16GB SODIMM DDR4 3200Mhz chip.

I found a Corsair Vengeance chip with the same specs on Amazon, and upgraded to 32GB with no issues.
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