Install Fresh Windows 11 with a local account

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Install Fresh Windows 11 with a local account

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Hey everyone, if you have ever tried installing Windows 11, especially the recent 22H2 version, you found that you can't complete the installation without a Microsoft account. Love it or hate it, that seems to be the future Microsoft is pushing on us.

However, there are a few ways to get a fresh install of Windows to work without the need to use a Microsoft account. Here are two that I've found:

1. Use a broken Microsoft account. Sounds simple, and somewhat ironic. If you try to set up Windows with an invalid account, it will complain but then let you proceed to creating a local account. Details are found in this article ( ... al-account) and basically, use the "" domain as your Microsoft account, with any password, and it will complain and then let you create your account.

2. Bypass the Network OOBE page. This might be a little more difficult, as it requires you to break out of the initial Out of Box Experience, but if you perform the steps found in this article ( ... indows-11/) - hit Shift+F10 to bring up a command prompt, then run the oobe\bypassnro.cmd file; it will add a setting to the registry that lets you reboot and continue without connecting to the internet.

I hope these are useful for someone!
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