Camera Problem

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Camera Problem

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Hi guys.

I recently bought a T6 so I can have Zoom conferences using our TV and a Jabra Panacast camera. I have managed to get the Stick PC to work without too much problem but it does not seem to be able to keep the Jabra Panacast working. It starts working and then goes to a black screen.

The Panacast is being powered from the USB3 port on the T6. All the drivers are the latest and firmware the latest on the Jabra.

Any ideas on how I can get this to work? Is there just not enough power coming from the T6? Any alternative Suggestions?

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Re: Camera Problem

Post by dragonpoo »

Hey KambraComms, ... a-panacast ...for reference, here's a link to the product page.

My first thought is to contact Jabra support. I've worked with them in the past about a different device, and they are highly responsive. Have you already tried that and did they have any suggestions?

I haven't used this specific product before, but have used other webcams. It's not really easy to determine power output and consumption for a specific usb port, but I would focus on general troubleshooting: make sure the device drivers are current. Check the Windows Event logs and Device Manager events. Try another device or try this device on another port/system.
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