Acemagic T9 Plus led not working

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Re: Acemagic T9 Plus led not working

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gura87 wrote: Thu Jun 27, 2024 4:39 am Thank you for your response. I inquired at the store. But why can they label it as acemagic when it's not supported? Is it true that acemagic does not provide the t9 plus?
Though I'm not sure, it's possible that it's still made by them, but exclusively meant for sales through AliExpress, with AliExpress or the seller being solely responsible for the support. Companies sometimes do that, with a product that's made for and sold through specific retailers. It's also possible that another division of the company that 'owns' Ace Magic makes the model, again for the purpose of selling them through a specific retailer.

Though I've never purchased anything through them, I've seen products on AliExpress in the past that weren't available anywhere else.

Judging from barry's reply, it's likely the seller that will have to provide the support.
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