Thermal Runaway

AMD Ryzen 5 5600U/5800U
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Re: Thermal Runaway

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Hey Barry,

Thanks for the reply. I had already had an exchange in progress when you sent that reply. New units arrived and I think the new units pointed me in the proper direction of the issue.

Could you please verify max memory for the ARM5? All the reviews and posts here on the forums say, "Max Upgradeable: 64GB". That may be the intention, but it looks like it's either limited to a very specific set of ram or wishful thinking.

I only have 32GB DIMMs so my testing was always limited to 64GB sets of memory. When testing one of the new units that arrived, I rushed it and didn't get both DIMMs seated all the way. System is super stable with a single 32GB DIMM. Once I add more the system starts randomly turning off again.

Any way you can test on your end that 64GB of ram is stable and working?

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