Need Bios for flashing GK3 Pro

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Need Bios for flashing GK3 Pro

Post by dendy7777777 »

Need bios file, and instruction for flashing GK3 Pro ,
motherboard marking as:

After plug power, starting, lighting Blue, but nothing in VGA\HDMI
Reset bios not fix this.
Static current consumption 0.7 amperes

The problem appeared after a sudden power outage

Also I have a programmer CH341 and can soldering

Help me please.
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Re: Need Bios for flashing GK3 Pro

Post by Gabe »

You should directly contact barry777, a tech for the company, at
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Re: Need Bios for flashing GK3 Pro

Post by barry777 »

There is no display after powering on. You can refer to the troubleshooting video:

If it still doesn't work, there may be a hardware failure; please contact the service specialist of the store where you purchased it.
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Re: Need Bios for flashing GK3 Pro

Post by leader86 »

156 / 5.000
I also have a JK08B_V10 with bios build date 11/15/2022
Does anyone have a link to a more updated bios to solve the freezing problem on Proxmox?
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