T8Pro has died

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T8Pro has died

Post by hankejp »

It seems my Jasper Lake T8Pro has died. I had it connected to a surge protector that shut off power at 10 PM every night and then I push a button in the morning to turn power back on and the PC automatically turns on and boots up. Just noticed that it wasn't on today. I pushed the power button and nothing. I just got in a T8Plus and took the power supply of that one and plugged into the original and got nothing. Moved to another outlet and nothing. I fear that it has died on me.

I purchased the first one in March of '23. I would think this should last longer. I emailed Barry at minipcunion. I have/had I hopes for these.
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Re: T8Pro has died

Post by Gabe »

I agree that these units should last longer, and they normally do, but cutting the power to a running unit on a daily basis is not at all ideal, and it may very well have contributed to its shorter than normal life span.

The option in the BIOS to have it start automatically after the power is restored after a power loss is designed for that once in a while scenario, not a regular, daily basis.
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Re: T8Pro has died

Post by barry777 »

1. Check whether the power adapter output is normal, 12V2.5a, interface 5.5×2.1mm.
2. Remove the power adapter and all other connections, press and hold the power button for 40 seconds, then connect the power adapter and HDMI cable again to check whether it can boot normally.
3. If there is still no response from the indicator light on the T8Pro, it may be an internal hardware failure.
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