AM02 replacement parts

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AM02 replacement parts

Post by Devi »

Hello! I would like to know if there are any places where I could purchase replacement parts for the NiPoGi AM02, since mine has a cracked bottom plastic and the front panel ribbon cable is having issues.
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Re: AM02 replacement parts

Post by Gabe »

Regarding the plastic, though I can't speak for barry777 or the admin, I can say with relative certainty that there's no way to get something like that from the company, unfortunately. About the only chance you may have of finding it is if someone is selling a 'dead' or malfunctioning unit on eBay or something similar.

I had a similar question regarding my GK1 a couple of years ago, and I learned from the prior admin that replacement parts, especially those unique to the unit, like part of the case, just aren't available.

With regard to the ribbon cable, though it's unlikely, there may be one that would work for it and that barry might recommend. I've seen him link to cables on Amazon in the past. Cables that, though meant for other models and even other brands, would work for the particular application.

If barry does't reply, you can reach him directly at He's a tech for the company.
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