Missing drivers!!!

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Missing drivers!!!

Post by RJay »

I've downloaded and added the drivers posted for Ryzen7 5700U but still missing....does anyone know where i can obtain these drivers....see attached screenshot
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Re: Missing drivers!!!

Post by Gabe »

Judging by the picture, only the "WAN Miniport (IP)" driver is having a problem.

I'd click on it to see if there is a message indicating what the problem is. If it says the driver is not installed, check if Windows Update gives a driver in the Advanced section. If not, you can try the free version of Driver Booster. HOWEVER, only use it for that driver. Even if it shows updates for other devices, only use it for that one driver, as generic drivers may not be right for the other devices.
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Re: Missing drivers!!!

Post by dragonpoo »

I agree with Gabe, let us know what the details are for that specific device. You can also try uninstalling the current driver, reboot, and see if it fixes it.

Barry posted the drivers for the AM16 in the forums, here: viewtopic.php?t=4971

Sometimes it is hard to tell which driver is needed for a specific piece of hardware. I typically download these packages for my system, then extract them and tell Windows' Device Manager to search that folder for the recommended driver.
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