T6Pa Won't power on anymore

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T6Pa Won't power on anymore

Post by sureshot007 »

The unit is less than a year old. It reboots daily. I had to unplug the power from it to disconnect some wires from something else, and now it will not power back on.

What's the warranty process like?
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Re: T6Pa Won't power on anymore

Post by Gabe »

Though I looked at my T6 Pro and it doesn't have one, I'd take a look to see if yours has a reset hole on it. It's possible that it's a different revision than mine and it has one, but I doubt it. And, unfortunately, these are really difficult to get into to do a CMOS reset like you can with the larger models, so unless it has a reset hole, a CMOS reset isn't really an option.

If there's no reset hole, I would try disconnecting everything from it, then press and hold the power button for about ten seconds or so, just to discharge any residual power from the unit. It won't do anything regarding the CMOS, but sometimes this can help.

If that doesn't help at all, and you can't even get into the BIOS to try resetting everything to the default settings, I'd contact barry777, a tech for the company, at barry@minipcunion.com. He's very likely to ask for proof of purchase, so I'd include your Amazon order# with the email, or a snapshot of the purchase if it was from somewhere else.
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