PC doesn't turn on without HDMI connected

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PC doesn't turn on without HDMI connected

Post by yanivyon »

I am preparing multiple of these PCs for a customer for his signage TVs.
I prepared remote access and I noticed when I plugged the devices only into power strip, to give them some time for windows update.
The device doesn't power on. Blue light is on, but it doesn't actually boot up.
With HDMI connected, they work fine. That's strange behaviour and can result in stuck device, after power outage.
Is this intended? How can I solve that.
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Re: PC doesn't turn on without HDMI connected

Post by barry777 »

Thank you for contacting us, we are happy to provide support. Since we have very little information at this time, please provide your Amazon purchase order number and describe the issue in as much detail as possible to barry@minipcunion.com and we look forward to sharing more details with you via email.
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Re: PC doesn't turn on without HDMI connected

Post by hsehestedt »

I cannot say if this is the case for a certainty with your system, but from your description I would say highly likely that this would resolve the issue...

I've seen a number of systems that behave this way, in fact I have an older desktop system right here like that. The solution is to obtain an "HDMI Dummy Plug" and connect it to the HDMI port. These devices, readily obtainable from Amazon for under $10 in the United States, act like or emulate a monitor. It's the size of smaller thumbrives, or roughly the size of a quarter. I always keep several of these on hand "just in case".

Just search the web or Amazon for "HDMI Dummy Plug" and you will find plenty of options.
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