AM02 gets too hot, why no Fan Adjustment?

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AM02 gets too hot, why no Fan Adjustment?

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I have the AM02 Mini PC and i'm really frustrated about the tempertaure of this device. It always runs really hot and killed one of my NVMe SSDs (according to manufacutrer of the SSD)
The Fan itself is Spinning (during Bootup) and running slowly. it is not defect at all.
But it will never increase in speed even when CPU reaces 90°C, for me the Noise would be irrelevant to keept teh Device cooler.

I already was in Contact with Support and received a new Device, there is in addition no Bios with an adjusted Temperature Curve and I'm stuck on 1.16_P2C10M3. The new Device is behaving exactly in the same way and if you look through Amazon Reviews many people have the same issues.

I think it should be easy to fix a little the Temperature when the Fan will increase in speed when Device heats up.
Support is not responding to my suggestion and maybe somene hear who can reach to Tech Team keep this issue resolved.

So if you have any suggestions please let me know.
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Re: AM02 gets too hot, why no Fan Adjustment?

Post by barry777 »

Because the AM02 has a metal casing, the temperature of the casing may be slightly higher than that of the plastic casing; you can try raising the bottom to help dissipate heat.
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Re: AM02 gets too hot, why no Fan Adjustment?

Post by Devi »

I recommend you go into the BIOS and change the fan curve
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