T8 Plus supported RAM speed

Intel® Processor N95 6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz
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T8 Plus supported RAM speed

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I have a T8 Plus with 16GB RAM. It came configured to run at 3200MHz but if I check the specs in Windows it shows as Samsung 6400MHz DDR5. I upped the speed in BIOS to 4800MHz which is the max that the N95 supports. Does anyone know if this will cause any issues? Everything seems to be running stable so far.

Just FYI for anyone looking to do the same, after increasing the speed in BIOS, saving and exiting, it wouldn't boot. Back into BIOS, exit without saving and it booted fine. Now I can power off or restart and it boots properly.
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Re: T8 Plus supported RAM speed

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T8 Puls uses LPDDR5, and the BIOS default frequency is 3200. It is recommended to restore the default value and do not change the parameters. It may cause a blue screen or not booting.
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