How to turn off User Account Control (UAC)

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How to turn off User Account Control (UAC)

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UAC (User Account Control) is a new technology introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista to improve system security. It requires users to perform operations that may affect the operation of the computer or change settings that affect other users. Provide permissions or administrator password. By authenticating these operations before they are initiated, UAC can help prevent malware and spyware from installing on or making changes to your computer without your permission.

When a permission or password is required to complete a task, UAC warns the user with one of the following messages (neither of the following examples starts the Secure Desktop): Windows needs your permission to continue: A Windows feature or program that may affect other users of this computer requires Your permission is required to activate. Check the name of the action to make sure it is the function or program you want to run. Program needs your permission to continue: Programs that are not part of Windows need your permission to start. It has a valid digital signature that identifies its name and publisher, which helps ensure that the program is exactly what it claims to be. Make sure the program is exactly what you want to run. An unidentified program is one that does not have a valid digital signature provided by its publisher to ensure that the program is what it claims to be. This doesn't necessarily indicate danger, as many older legitimate programs lack signatures. However, special care should be taken and this program should only be allowed to run if it was obtained from a trusted source, such as the original CD or the publisher's website.

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