AD15 Replace M.2 SSD

Intel® Core™ i5-12450H Processor 12M Cache, up to 4.40 GHz
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Re: AD15 Replace M.2 SSD - Success and issue solved

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nirdrang wrote: Wed Aug 30, 2023 5:37 pm Hi,
So I have finally found the time to upgrade to crucial p5 plus nvme 1TB add instead of the sata m.2 shipped with the product.
I cloned the os to the new nvme ssd using a dedicated pocket adapter.
All went fine and when I have completed and switched the nvme card to be onboard and reset the device I couldn’t complete the windows boot. Bios load was perfect.
I got an error (BSod) with an error saying “inaccessible boot device …”.
After scratching my head for a long time I came across this thread ... 48_1640566
And was able to solve the issue.
Apparently when you install windows on sata it will optimize drivers load on boot and won’t load nvme drivers…
To solve it I rebooted in safe mode and ran the command mentioned in the thread and now all is working.
Hope this will help someone else one day.
Very good plan! More people will be notified.
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