AM02 add SSD

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Re: AM02 add SSD

Post by zerkin »

Suddenly, I've noticed that AM02 is defined as "AM02 (Athlon 300U 16GB/512GB)", but I have mini-PC:
"NiPoGi Windows 11 Pro Mini PC, AM02 AMD Ryzen 7 3750H 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD Mini Desktop Computer with Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics, Mini Gaming PC Support DP + HDMI 4K, RJ45-LAN, Dual WLAN Micro Business PC": ... _item?th=1

Maybe I have another AM02 - different from this forum, and therefore another 2TB SSD could be recommended. Manual coming with this box is very short and does not have any information about SSD upgrade. On Amazon this SSD upgrade is also not mentioned, although RAM upgrade is mentioned... So, it is unclear whether SSD upgrade to 2TB is possible at all.
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Re: AM02 add SSD

Post by Gabe »

The original AM02 had an AMD Athlon 300U. That's the version I have. The current version, which is what you have, has the AMD Ryzen 7 3750H. The Ryzen 7 3750H supports PCIe 3.0.

The main difference between PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 is speed. PCIe 3.0 supports NVMe speeds up to about 3500MBps, whereas PCIe 4.0 supports speeds up to 7000Mbps or so. So if you use a Samsung 980 Pro in your AM02, its speed will top out around 3500MBps.

If the prices aren't that much different, the Pro version might be the way to go, as if you bought a machine in the future that does support Gen 4 you could move it to that, but if the price difference is notable, I'd probably go with something else. I'm not sure how it is there, but when I look on Amazon here in the US the price difference between the 980 Pro and the 970 EVO is literally only one dollar. In that case, going with the 980 Pro would definitely be the way to go.

For reference, I edited the https:// from your Amazon link. For some reason Amazon links in this community won't show in a post if the https:// is included.
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Re: AM02 add SSD

Post by barry777 »

zerkin wrote: Thu Apr 06, 2023 5:25 pm Thanks, barry777.

I just need 2TB SSD compatible with my AM02 (having the same speed);
I am not familiar with difference between Gen 3 and 4 - could you suggest some model?

Actually, for me it looks suspicious that AM02 and almost all other mini-PCs do not have config with 2TB SSD and user has to replace SDD - I assumed that the possible reason is overheating. So, maybe you do not recommend to replace 512GB SSD with 2TB?
For AM02, PCIe 3.0 SSD is enough, and it is also a cost-effective choice. Try to choose big brands and regular sales channels, such as Samsung 980 and Western Digital SN570. As Gabe said, there is no need to worry about the problem of hard drive heating.
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