Better software-hardware support?

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Better software-hardware support?

Post by penguu »

I bought this device a few years ago and I haven't really used it because of it's lack of performance, I mainly tried to use it as a media device but it even lacks that capability, Linus doesn't work as intended, tried Android too, both Linux and Android has issues with WIFI and Bluetooth, audio over BT is choppy, no way to fix this from what I found, from what I've seen not even Windows 8.1 doesn't have any support, the only OS that really "works" is Windows 10... I've had issues with the usb ports, my usb headsets won't always work, my friends used to tell me that my voice is high pitched and it sound like I'm talking faster. Had issues with my external HDD and SSD, and it's not a power problem because I tried with multiple and some powerful power bricks, why no one can fix this device's software-hardware issues, it wasn't really that cheap either on Amazon... Devs please give us a lightweight bug free OS, but not Windows 10. :cry:
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Re: Better software-hardware support?

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It's unfortunate that you didn't post about these issues when you first noticed them, as there may have been something that after sales support could have done. With its age that's unlikely at this point.

Though the x5-Z8350 based T6 is slow, as it has a low power, older processor and eMMC storage, most of the problems you mention are not common to the T6. Hopefully someone will have some suggestions about what you can try regarding the problems you mentioned.

This topic about Ubuntu on the T6 might also interest you.
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