Regarding the problem that the newly installed SSD hard disk is not recognized

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Regarding the problem that the newly installed SSD hard disk is not recognized

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If your computer doesn't recognize a newly installed SSD, there could be several reasons. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow:

1. Shut down the computer first, press Delete continuously when starting up - it will enter the BIOS page - press F9 - then press F10 to save and exit (if YES or yes appears on the right side of the page, you can use the notebook Enter key to select YSE or then exit just fine)

2. Check the physical connection: Make sure the SSD is properly connected to the computer's motherboard and power supply. Make sure the cable is firmly inserted and seated properly.

3. Check BIOS settings: Press the appropriate key (usually Delete) during startup to access BIOS settings. Make sure the SSD is detected and listed in the BIOS.

4. Check Disk Management: If the SSD is listed in the BIOS but not in Windows, check the Disk Management tool. In Windows, you can access Disk Management by right-clicking My Computer or This Computer and selecting Manage, then Disk Management.

5. Update the drivers: If the SSD is still not recognized, please update the drivers for the motherboard and hard drive controller.

6. Check Compatibility: Make sure the SSD is compatible with your motherboard and operating system.

7. Try another computer: If possible, try the SSD on another computer to rule out any issues with the SSD itself.

8. Formatting: Select the same file system as the SSD of the Mini PC on another computer, format and then reinstall it on the Mini PC.

If none of these steps work, the SSD may be defective and should be replaced.
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