Computer Stuck on Aptio Setup - AMI screen

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Computer Stuck on Aptio Setup - AMI screen

Post by Shan »

Hi everyone,

I have had my computer for about a month and everything has been great. All of a sudden I turn it on this morning and it goes to this APTIO Setup - AMI screen and I cannot get it to do anything else. I have tried holding the delete key on startup, as well as the F2, F4, and F8 keys. Any ideas on how to fix it? No matter what I do, it keeps going to this Aptio Setup screen. Thanks. The screen has main, advanced, security, , boot, and Save & Exit tabs accross the top.
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Re: Computer Stuck on Aptio Setup - AMI screen

Post by Gabe »

I would try a BIOS reset. To do so, unplug everything from the unit, then press the reset button in the little hole near the bottom on the front of the unit. You'll feel it depress. Hold it in for at least ten or fifteen seconds, then release it. Then reconnect the monitor, the mouse/keyboard and the power and try turning it on.
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Re: Computer Stuck on Aptio Setup - AMI screen

Post by dragonpoo »

BIOS reset is a fair idea, it should get it back to defaults.

I'd also look at the boot device information - it should show you what devices are found and which it is trying to load from. If you can't see the internal drive, try getting a Windows boot USB device and see if that'll boot up.
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Re: Computer Stuck on Aptio Setup - AMI screen

Post by barry777 »

It may be a system file failure;
Create and enter the PE system, use tools to check whether the SSD can be read (if it cannot be read, the SSD is faulty; if it can be read, format the SSD before installing the system)

It is recommended to refer to the following video for formatting operations:

PE file: ... PQS1S9q5Yk
Tutorial on installing PE system:

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