Linux support

mini PC with display!
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Linux support

Post by Korderos »

How the LCD screen is supported on Linux ?
Do we need a specific app ?
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Re: Linux support

Post by barry777 »

Sorry, currently the S1 screen editor only supports Windows systems

Re: Linux support

Post by Guest »

ok thanks.

It's a shame : having a home linux server with the ability to see server charge directly on screen would be amazing
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Re: Linux support

Post by Gabe »

Guest wrote: Wed Oct 18, 2023 8:41 am ok thanks.

It's a shame : having a home linux server with the ability to see server charge directly on screen would be amazing
It's always possible that they'll have it at some point in the future. I've seen them release Linux OSes for a few of the more popular models after a number of people have asked about it for that specific model. If that happens with the S1, they may. However, if they eventually do, I wouldn't expect it anytime soon, as it usually takes a good while. It really all depends on how popular the S1 becomes. It's quite unique, and the price is fairly attractive for what you get, so you never know.
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Re: Linux support

Post by ToniDolphin »

Yes, please add a simple script so I can see my linux server stats on the LCD screen 🙏

Re: Linux support

Post by yuriy »

Yes please do it for Linux
Otherwise I have to send the device back
with kind regards
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Re: Linux support

Post by dragonpoo »

I've noticed that some of the listings on Amazon no longer mention Windows - I suspect Linux comes on them now, or should have greater Linux support coming soon. Hopefully we can get clarity on that.
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Re: Linux support

Post by winit_a »

RGB Control Command CH340 usb-serail

serial port sniffer

command change rgb

[14/01/2024 12:23:34] - Open port COM3 (C:\Program Files\CYX_TftTool\LedControl.exe)

[14/01/2024 12:23:34] Written data (COM3)
fa 04 03 03 04 ú....
[14/01/2024 12:23:34] - Close port COM3

[14/01/2024 12:23:47] - Open port COM3 (C:\Program Files\CYX_TftTool\LedControl.exe)

[14/01/2024 12:23:47] Written data (COM3)
fa 05 03 03 05 ú....
[14/01/2024 12:23:47] - Close port COM3

[14/01/2024 12:23:51] - Open port COM3 (C:\Program Files\CYX_TftTool\LedControl.exe)

[14/01/2024 12:23:51] Written data (COM3)
fa 01 03 03 01 ú....
[14/01/2024 12:23:51] - Close port COM3

[14/01/2024 12:23:54] - Open port COM3 (C:\Program Files\CYX_TftTool\LedControl.exe)

[14/01/2024 12:23:54] Written data (COM3)
fa 02 03 03 02 ú....
[14/01/2024 12:23:54] - Close port COM3

[14/01/2024 12:23:57] - Open port COM3 (C:\Program Files\CYX_TftTool\LedControl.exe)

[14/01/2024 12:23:57] Written data (COM3)
fa 03 03 03 03 ú....
[14/01/2024 12:23:57] - Close port COM3

TFT Controller 04d9:fd01 Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.
USB port sniffer on this
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Re: Linux support

Post by Mordred »

Hi all, as the previous message said, the LCD screen is programmed via port COM3 (using the chip CH340 to convert serial to usb and viceversa), a serial port through we send all the information to be displayed. The problem is that the software is only created for Windows. If you want to use the integrated screen and you have some skills in development, I think the best option is a little program in Go/Python (preferably the first) to read the information of the processor/disk/whatever and send to the LCD via serial communication with the proper library.

It is an interesting project, but at this moment I don't have any S1 to test.
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Re: Linux support

Post by fuelrod »

Would it be possible to just use WINE?
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